TOWN HALL: Republican Senator GRILLED By Angry Protester…His Response STUNS America!

Since the historic election of Donald Trump to the White House, liberals have been using every underhanded scheme in the book to get their way.

From’s bogus protest on November 9 to Michael Moore’s anarchistic riots on Inauguration Day, liberals have been paying and staging demonstrations to make it seem there are more people opposed to the President than there are.

Polls and other indicators show that many more Americans are on board with Trump’s plans to build a war, cut down on illegal immigration, and end radical Islamic terrorism.  They are especially eager for he and GOP leaders to repeal and replace Obamacare, a major promise of his campaign.

Recently GOP lawmakers held town hall meetings in their local regions to discuss Obamacare and get feedback from voters.  However, even these civil and open meetings have been co-opted by the left, who have been busing in paid dissenters to stir up trouble and project an image that is not real.

But despite this pathetic tactic, there are some conservative leaders who are not backing down and are working hard to hear from their real citizens.

From IJR:

CNN reports that Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton held his town hall on Wednesday before a packed house.

The senator, whose website explains that he is a decorated Army Ranger who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, has actually been under enemy fire before. But the combat vet showed up to take questions…

[T]he senator got some applause of his own when one woman stepped up to the microphone and announced, “I’m from Fayetteville, and I’m not a paid protester.”

Cotton told her:

“I don’t care if anybody here is paid or not. You’re all Arkansans.

I know there’s been some talk of that in the media. Politicians have said that.

But I just want to say, thank you for everyone coming out whether you agree with me or disagree with me. This is part of what our country is all about.”

You know, it’s really hard to believe that any of these dissenters are genuine members of those communities, when Michael Moore is mobilizing protesters to invade these meetings:

Yet Tom Cotton is showing real class when he is willing to deflect the controversy and nonsense by reasserting the purpose of those meetings: to respect and hear from Americans.

Moore and his other bullies from the left want to plunge our nation into chaos.  They want us so divided and confused that we can focus on real issues at stake and support our leaders when it matters most.  They are petty and childish and will only serve to hurt their own causes.

But Cotton–like many other leaders in the GOP–are holding fast to their values and are working to get the job done.

Source: IJR

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