Trey Gowdy Uncovers Hillary’s Russian Lies…CRUSHES The Liberal Media! [WATCH]

Rep. Trey Gowdy has been leading the charge in Washington against the supposed bias within the FBI and the many Hillary Clinton scandals. Thanks to his influence, the FBI has reopened the case over Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server, jeopardizing her chances at the White House and exposing to many Americans, just how serious her crimes are.

It was Trey Gowdy and other House republicans who put Comey’s feet in the fire, holding the FBI director accountable for his shocking refusal to press charges against the former secretary of state, even though he outlined her many crimes related to her email server.

Thanks to Gowdy’s unflinching devotion to the law, we are seeing the needle of justice move. Obama and Clinton’s attempt at protecting Hillary, despite her many crimes, may not succeed.

In the below video we see the biased liberal media try to trip up Gowdy in a recent interview. Watch how they try to distract him from the real issues of Hillary’s crimes by dredging up the erroneous rumors of Russian interference, despite any evidence.

Gowdy is unflappable and holds to the topics, refusing to take the deceptive bait.

The American people have suffered for years under poor leadership within Washington. Right now we are seeing how a few uncompromising representatives can make a difference, despite insider collusion from the president and the media.

Let’s hope that trend continues into the future.

Source: YouTube

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