YUGE! Trump Lands $100 Million Knockout Punch…Fixes GIGANTIC Problem Liberals Couldn’t!

Liberals trembled in fear when they heard Trump was announcing budget cuts to the incredibly wasteful and inefficient EPA.

The left’s constant fear mongering over the imaginary problem of global warming has made them pathetically out of touch with the real problems facing the country.

One of the biggest environmental disasters in America is the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. For all of their talk of being the compassionate party, it’s widely accepted that the blame for Flint lies solely at the feet of Democrats.

Trump highlighted Flint’s woes months ago, hinting at his future action:

Much of what makes the EPA one of the worst government agencies is their constant misallocation of priorities. They repeatedly place collecting fines from citizens that break arbitrary rules over protecting the environment.

But Trump is here to ensure that the EPA actually does its job, and has issued a $100 million grant to assist in replacing Flint’s deteriorating lead water pipes.

From Breitbart:

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said this grant is part of the Trump administration’s goal to improve the country’s water infrastructure.

“EPA will especially focus on helping Michigan improve Flint’s water infrastructure as part of our larger goal of improving America’s water infrastructure,” Pruitt said.

Michigan Republicans and Democrats praised the EPA’s decision to fund efforts to repair Flint’s water system.

While Michigan’s Democrats may be rejoicing, the decision is likely to anger liberals in other states. What does clean drinking water in Flint matter when they’re being forced to admit that the President is the whole reason it’s happening?

Democrats are sure to regret losing their precious victimhood on this issue. If they aren’t whining about how Republicans are oppressing them, they become apoplectic.

Even though the left will never admit it, we have a president now that’s finally putting Americans first.

Trump is focusing attention away from the climate change hoax and onto the real victims. The Republican party is the true party of empathy, and we will be raising a glass of clean water in celebration of this monumental victory!

Source: Breitbart

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