Police Chief’s Secret EXPOSED…THIS Is Why He Let Thugs Attack Trump Supporters! [SICK]

In a campaign season marked by partisan violence, the behavior of anti-Trump demonstrators in San Jose last week was particularly brutal.

Police officers seemed indifferent as Trump supporters were attacked. Incredibly given the mayhem caught on video, only four arrests were made and officers were ordered to “stand down.”

Those asking why may now have a clearer picture of what happened, something cameras couldn’t capture: Evidence of anti-Trump bias behind the scenes, at the top echelons of the city’s police force.

Mad World News reports:

The more sinister news about police chief Eddie Garcia is that he is tightly affiliated with the far-left group La Raza, which translates to “the race” and is America’s largest Latino advocacy organization. It is a group that advocates in favor of progressive immigration reform policies, including an express path to citizenship and reduced deportations. If that doesn’t paint an ugly enough picture, there’s more.

The La Raza Roundtable of California celebrated when Garcia was sworn in. The Roundtable describes itself as:

“La Raza Roundtable brings together community organizations, community leaders, elected officials, private and public sector representatives in leadership capacities that can impact positive change for La Raza.”

It’s becoming very apparent that the reason Donald Trump supporters were not offered protection from the San Jose police was all due to their political affiliation. The fact that Garcia is tightly associated with the La Raza group should not only raise red flags for any person scrutinizing the situation, but it should be noted for the future.

If a home is burglarized, and it happens to have a Trump sign on the front lawn, will police investigate or simply pretend to? If a known Trump supporters calls 911, will officers respond promptly?

These sound like paranoid questions, but given what’s been revealed, are they really so ridiculous?

Source: Mad World News

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