WHOA: Trump Goes BALLISTIC On Obama/Russia! Demands IMMEDIATE Return Of…

The liberal media want to craft a false narrative that President Trump was aided by Russia in securing his victory on November 8.

Brain-dead liberals, who cannot fathom how Trump won fair and square, embrace this ridiculous idea. They refuse to acknowledge the Americans were sick and tired of the failed policies of Obama and other democrats and wanted real change.

This nonsense of a Trump-Russia link defies all sound logic and evidence. There is no proof that Trump was working with Russia during the election, or that Russia even hacked Hillary’s campaign emails. Even so-called “officials” claiming it to be so are never named, nor is their “evidence” present.

We are supposed to believe disreputable news sites at their word.

The fact remains that Donald Trump is putting America first. He has vowed to protect our nation and its interests, even if that means ruffling the feathers of foreign powers.

He has made it clear he wants to work with Russia, but will not condone any disrespectful or aggressive behavior from them. President Trump has even gone out of his way to decry actions made by Putin’s leadership—clear evidence he is not in “cahoots” with the foreign power. And now this powerful statement:

From The Right Scoop:

In a shocking turn of policy that is probably very welcome to critics of Trump’s bro-love for Putin (like myself), Sean Spicer said that Trump expects Russia to return the Crimea to Ukraine!! What?!

I love how he makes sure to mention that it was taken under Obama, just to jab him a little.

That video is from Russia Today, and you can tell because it puts “return” in scare quotes in the title to let people know that they believe little Crimea was legally theirs in the first place.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian embassy’s account tweeted the video, without the scare quotes.

It’s shocking to think how hard the media is working to invent a connection between Trump and Russia, yet they said nothing when Obama allowed Russia to invade a sovereign nation. Shouldn’t have the president then taken a stand when Putin was abusing his authority?

What made Obama so lax to prevent the invasion of another country, the violation of those people’s rights? Perhaps Obama was in cahoots with Putin?

Yet the media never said a word. Their double standard and hypocrisy invalidates anything they say.

We know that President Trump will work fairly with Russia, but will stand tough when necessary. In him we have a true advocate for the American people and the American way, around the world.

Source: The Right Scoop

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