The Gloves Come Off: Trump Goes Ballistic…And Will Have You Cheering!

From the moment Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President, there has been no end of attack from liberal media.

They go well beyond what can be called journalistic ethics when they slander the business mogul. Just read the bottom of any Huffington Post article about Trump to see the kind of vicious, hate-filled language leftist writers use to criticize the candidate (I neglect to link to one of them. We don’t want to give them the traffic).

Now that Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee, the left are terrified.

Trump continues to gain momentum and poses more than a chance at blocking a Hillary presidency. They know the many flaws of Clinton are enough to sink her and Trump is bold enough to destroy any trace of credibility the Democrat has.

So what’s the liberal media’s strategy?

Continued, false accusations against Donald Trump. Despite the many testimonies of Trump’s respect for women, both from his family and employees, the New York Times published a slanderous article, suggesting Trump has a history of mistreatment.

From Western Journalism:

The article, written by Michael Barbaro and Megan Twohey, was a product of more than 50 interviews. The interviews included accusations of Trump displaying “unsettling conduct” in the workplace as well as making “unwelcome advances.”

According to the NYT, which you can believe as much as you want, the article boosted its readership. Not a huge surprise, considering the Time is the figurehead of the liberal America. But Trump’s people aren’t sitting down over this.

Trump bombarded his Twitter page with comments against the paper. He called it a “failing” newspaper and accused it of publishing a “false, malicious and libelous story” that “was dishonest.”

Trump’s choice of words in the tweet caught the eye of some. Calling the article “libelous” seemed to suggest a possible lawsuit.

There’s too much riding on Trump’s reputation right now for him and his people to let this article go by. If the Times are in fact guilty of libel, they could be in big trouble. Trump is not someone you want to fight, especially if you’re in the wrong.

Jill Martin, assistant general counsel for Trump Organization stated a law suit was a definitely possibility. Michael Cohen, Trump Organization general counsel also spoke out against the Times, demanding at the very least and apology and retraction.

If the New York Times refuses to retract the article, standing by their misguided liberal agenda, then a lawsuit will definitely happen. Trump has successfully sued companies in the past for misconduct, this would be no different.

Source: Western Journalism

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