FRUSTRATION: Add THIS State To The List That Trump Won And Then Blew The Delegate Process

Here at Patriot Journal, we have been pretty positive on Mr. Trump. However, his ongoing failure to organize and make sound and timely plans to assure the successful prosecution of his campaign is starting to raise serious doubts about his capacity to run the largest and most complex bureaucracy in the world, the United States government.

At some point blaming others for failing to do what has always been expected of successful Republican presidential campaigns begins to fall on deaf ears.

Per the Atlanta Journal Constitution…

Donald Trump’s soldiers in Georgia are waking up — perhaps too late — to what’s at stake on Saturday, when Republicans gather by congressional district to pick more than half of the 76 delegates and alternates who will attend July’s presidential nominating convention in Cleveland.

This morning, Trump state director Brandon Phillips sent out an email that was one-half alarm bell and one-half plea.

If you are willing to attend one of these meetings this Saturday morning and show your support for Mr. Trump, please contact the volunteer coordinator nearest you.

Here’s the thing: The selection of delegates who will represent Trump in Cleveland, as well as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, is now a closed process. If you weren’t selected as a congressional convention delegate last month at the county-level meetings, you will have no standing at Saturday’s gatherings. Other than as a spectator.

Source: AJC

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