Trump Drops A Bombshell On Chicagoland Mayor…Democrats Are FUMING!

Donald Trump is already draining the swamp—but Washington isn’t the only place that needs it.

America’s great cities should be beloved the world over, from the Big Apple to L.A., from Washington D.C. to Chicago.  And yet liberal policies in these cities have transformed them into dangerous places to live, and none more so than the Windy City.

Chicago’s murder count has been a headline all year long, and now that 2016 is over, the numbers have been compiled and it’s worse than not pretty—it’s downright unprecedented for the 21st century.  Donald Trump ran a campaign promising to make changes to the inner cities, and now that these stunning numbers have come out, he’s making a bold statement to Chicago, and to all of America.

From The Daily Mail:

Donald Trump used his Twitter bully pulpit on Monday to blast Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for allowing his city’s murder and firearms shooting rates to spiral out of control.

2016 was one of the most violent years in Chicago history with the most homicides in two decades – more than New York and Los Angeles combined.

The nation’s third largest city also saw 1,100 more shooting incidents last year than it did in 2015, according to data released Sunday by the Chicago Police Department. 

America should be better than this.  Crime has continue to escalate under Rahm Emanuel’s leadership, who was once Obama’s right hand man.  All this while New York City continues to reap the benefits of Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s conservative cleanup efforts.

These latest numbers and Donald Trump’s clear response should mean one thing to liberal cities that can’t do the most basic job of protecting their citizens: let people who know what they are doing step in and help.  Trump’s offer is not to shame his rivals—it is clearly meant to protect peaceful Americans from the thugs and criminals that are making our neighborhoods a dangerous place to live!

Donald Trump is already following through on his promise to be a great President, not just to white folks, America’s heartland, or Republicans, but for all Americans, no matter what economic background or race.

Source: Daily Mail Online

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