BREAKING: Trump Makes Brilliant Move, Meets Top GOP Female For Key Appointment!

They were fierce rivals on the campaign trail, but now that the dust has settled and a winner has been named, this former Republican candidate is meeting with Trump to discuss the future rather than focus on the past.

Among the many making their way to Trump Tower for discussions with the president elect was an individual with a solid private sector background, who held strong grassroots support during the primary process.

Western Journalism reports about the Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina visit:

We “spent a fair amount of time talking about China as probably our most important adversary,” the former Hewlett-Packard chief executive told reporters afterward.

“We talked about hacking, whether it’s Chinese hacking or purported Russian hacking,” she said, most likely referring to the call from a bipartisan group of senators for an investigation into Russia’s alleged attempts to influence the election.

Fiorina, who is reportedly being considered for the post of national intelligence director, said Donald Trump has attracted and recruited “fantastic people” to serve in his Cabinet and elsewhere in the administration.

“It says that people recognize the opportunity that our new president-elect has to make a huge impact on people’s lives in this country and on events around the world,” she added.

Whether or not Fiorina will be officially joining Trump’s team is still unclear. While Trump hires based on merit alone, it couldn’t hurt him to have a successful high profile woman in a top spot.

Source: Western Journalism

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