Trump Just Unleashed Brutal Response…Dems Trying To Deny His Victory!

The reaction from the left over Donald Trump’s historic win to the presidency has been downright embarrassing. Instead of accepting the results of a free and open election and getting behind the next president—something Americans have done for over 200 years—they have tried to fight and undermine the process at every turn.

Trump supporters have been forced to put up with an unending parade of attacks from bitter liberals. These sore losers have called conservatives racist, sexist, and xenophobic. They have protested and rioted in major cities. They have invented stories of “fake news” and Russian hacks.

The latest has shown the truly despicable nature of the Democrat leadership in their attempts to disrupt the Electoral College. Liberals have signed petitions, made death threats, and hired washed-up actors, all to force electors to not vote for Donald Trump.

The ultimate irony is that had Hillary won, and conservatives were doing this, the media would not give them the time of day.

From Zero Hedge:

As the moment of truth looms ever closer (having apparently lost the effort to ‘turn’ electors against their state’s citizenry), it appears the last best hope for Democrats is to keep hammering home the illegitimacy of a Trump presidency with name-calling, Russia-bating, and general sulking.

The hypocrisy has apparently become too much for the president-elect to bear and he just unleashed a tweet so full of truthiness that not even CNN can shift the narrative…

All the pathetic attacks from these sore losers would never be tolerated if they were being done by conservatives. The media would rail against them as a threat to our democracy.

Instead the liberal media covers every attempt to undermine the election as if it were headline news, as if these corrupt, un-American liberals deserve our full attention

The bottom line is they lost—fair and square.  Come January 20, Trump will be their President whether they like it or not.  They won’t be able to do anything about it

Source: Zero Hedge

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