Republicans who sometimes wish the party’s convention was a little more star-studded may be about to get their wish.

Rumors abound that some household names, especially from the world of sports, may be traveling to Cleveland to show their support for presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

In a radio interview, Trump’s daughter — and campaign insider — Ivanka said the event would feature “leaders” from “all the sectors,” including business and athletics.

However,  the details haven’t been nailed down yet. Some hoped-for superstars like boxer Mike Tyson and former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka have either said they won’t be there, or haven’t been asked yet.

Bloomberg Politics picks up the story:

The list of athletes outlined by those familiar with the planning also included Bobby Knight, the former Indiana University basketball coach who Trump frequently credits for his Indiana primary victory. (…)

Separately, third-party groups have booked musicians to perform at venues throughout Cleveland during the July 18-21 convention: 1970s-era rock band Journey; Bret Michaels, the frontman of the 1980s-era metal band Poison; 80s hitmaker Rick Springfield: country singer Martina McBride, who rose to stardom in the 1990s; country band Rascal Flatts, who formed in Ohio in 1999; and The Band Perry, a siblings trio known for country pop songs. (…)

“Iron Mike Tyson was not asked to speak at the Convention though I’m sure he would do a good job if he was,” Trump tweeted. “The media makes everything up!”

Whether we like it or not, celebrity endorsements matter. If they didn’t, star athletes and performers wouldn’t be paid millions to do them. Of course, these same endorsements can backfire if the celebrity’s reputation is flawed. The Trump camp has a daunting task ahead of it, as the convention grows closer.

Source: Bloomberg

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