BREAKING: Trump Cancels Campaign Events! Heads Straight Down To….

Democrats are always labeled as the compassionate ones, while they paint Republicans as mean people who would feed their grandma dog food.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Obama is busy vacationing and playing golf.  Hillary apparently needs lots of rest these days even though she’s “perfectly healthy.” Right.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, is on the run each day, holding enormous rallies, speaking off the cuff, and holding press conferences (Hillary has not held one for over 9 months!).  But when disaster strikes, he will not sit idly by like current or past White House residents.  No, he is wearing his heart on his sleeve.

Fox News reports:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and running mate Mike Pence will visit flood-damaged areas of Baton Rouge, La. Friday.

Record flooding across Louisiana has killed at least 13 people. Over 85,000 people have registered for federal disaster assistance, more than 30,000 have been rescued, and an estimated 40,000 homes have been damaged.

Trump addressed the flooding at a rally in Charlotte, N.C. Thursday night, calling Louisiana “a state that is very, very special to me.”

“Though words cannot express the sadness one feels at times like this,” Trump said, “I hope everyone in Louisiana knows that our country is praying for them, and standing with them to help them in these difficult hours.”

America is getting a clear look at the next President of the United States.  Not someone who can’t be bothered while vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard.  Not someone who needs their rest days.  Not even someone who is content to fly over and see the devastation.  No, Donald is heading to the heart of the disaster on Friday.  Expect many Americans to turn their heads and change their minds.

Source: Fox News

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