Trump Issues Hillary An EPIC Challenge…Will She Rise To The Occasion?

Liberals love to brag about how much they care about the poor, particularly the underprivileged in America’s inner cities.

So why is Hillary Clinton vowing to spend a whopping $42 billion (with a “b”) to bring 65,000 Syrian refugees to the U.S. and support them instead?

It’s almost as if Clinton is keeping a promise to a foreign Muslim donor to the Clinton Foundation rather than focusing on the needs and wants of American citizens…

Donald Trump thinks Hillary’s priorities should be helping Americans first. Breitbart has the story:

Clinton “wants a 500% increase in Syrian refugees to come into our country,” Trump said at Friday’s Faith and Freedom Summit.

Clinton’s plan to resettle 65,000 Syrian migrants would cost U.S. taxpayers over $42 billion over the course of the migrants’ lifetimes, based on projections from Heritage Foundation scholar Robert Rector.

Trump said that rather than using taxpayer funds to import foreign migrants from terror-prone regions, Clinton should instead use the funds to help struggling Americans who are living in our inner cities.

“We have to take care of the people who are here,” Trump explained. “We have to temporarily stop this whole thing with what’s going on with refugees, where we don’t know where they come from… We have to take a rest. We have to take a time out. We have to use the money to take care of our poorest Americans and work with them, so they can come out of this horrible situation that they’re in.”

Clinton’s call for admitting 65,000 Syrian refugees comes on top of the roughly 40,000 refugees and asylees the U.S. already admits from the Muslim world each year—and this does not include the larger permanent resettlement program that occurs through green cards, which would bring total annual migration from the Muslim world to 182,000 a year under Clinton’s proposal.

Even at the level of blatantly pandering for votes, Clinton’s idea doesn’t make sense. Which traditional Democratic constituency does this high priced plan appeal to? How can even her die hard fans, especially those in the African American community, possibly think this is a good idea?

Source: Breitbart

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