Whoa: Trump Stuns America With Charity Move…Hillary Would Never Do This!

Call it a tale of two foundations.

Over the course of the presidential election campaign, the dirty little secrets of the Clinton Foundation were revealed. Millions of people learned that while she was Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton traded favours to sleazy foreign governments in exchange for multi-million dollar donations to the Clinton Foundation.

One of the investigators who uncovered this game-changing information was Peter Schweizer, whose book Clinton Cash played a role in Trump’s election triumph by exposing his opponents dirty deals.

Now that Donald Trump has decided to dissolve his own charitable foundation prior to becoming president in order to avoid charges of conflict of interest, Breitbart.com asked Schweizer what he thought of that decision.

Schweizer explained that the Trump and Clinton Foundations were quite different in structure and purpose, then added:

“Unlike the Clinton Foundation – which, first of all, is much larger and had an infrastructure where they had a lot of employees; they ran their own programs – the Trump Foundation was really about giving grant money to other charitable organizations for the work they’re doing.” (…)

“Donald Trump has voluntarily now said, ‘I’m going to stop the Trump Foundation. It’s not going to exist. We’re no longer going to launch new business projects overseas, meaning major projects like hotels, et cetera, which is a huge concession.’ (…)

“These are all being done voluntarily. I’m extremely encouraged,” he declared. “I was worried that these avenues for conflicts of interest were going to remain. But honestly, this is what leadership looks like.”

In his role as president of the Government Accountability Institute, Schweizer said he and his organization would continue to monitor Trump’s “leadership” for signs of “conflicts of interest.”

This oversight, he added, would extend to members of the Trump family, who have been charged with running Trump’s many business interests while he serves as president.

After all, Schweizer pointed out, Trump won on a vow to “drain the swamp” so someone has to make sure he doesn’t become one of the alligators in the swamp himself.

Source: Breitbart

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