BREAKING: Trump Unveils Nickname for Hillary…Clinton RESPONDS!

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have a relationship with New York.

Trump, a native and long-time business man, is a New York icon. Hillary Clinton served the state for many years as a Senator.

It would come as no surprise, then, that will both spend considerable amount of time and rhetoric in the state, to garner support.

That includes taking shots at each other as reported by Breitbart.

On Saturday, Trump dubbed the former Secretary of State and First Lady “Crooked Hillary,” while referencing his rival , who he calls “Lyin’ Ted,” during a rally in Watertown, NY. Trump stuck with the new moniker on Sunday, as its use prompted a response during Sunday morning’s political talk shows.

Clinton claimed she didn’t care about the new nickname, but spent some time discussing Trump, anyway.

She criticized the business mogul’s treatment of women, Muslims, and immigrants. It’s clear she’s trying to take a more systematic (albeit inaccurate) approach at maligning Trump, while Trump is using strong, emotionally charged statements.

Which do you think will have a greater impact on the American people?

Trump continued to use the newly christened nickname on, of course, Twitter:

Source: Breitbart

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