Trump & Clinton Rally Attendance Numbers Released…This Is HUMILIATING!

Despite the media’s best effort to prop up Hillary Clinton, more and more hard reality is setting in.

The reality is that she is an astro-turfing paper tiger. Without the media and the international elites to breath air into her lifeless campaign, Trump would already be wiping the floor with her…but maybe he is.

New data out today looks at the size of the crowds that each candidate is attracting and the results are STUNNING!

Gateway Pundit has the details…

Through August 25th, Trump has held 29 campaign events in August with an estimated 168,000 participants.  Clinton on the other hand has held only 11 campaign events attended by an estimated paltry 10,000.

Trump averages 5,800 people per event in August while Clinton averages less than 1,000.

There you go, while Donald Trump is packing stadiums, the Democrats great hope can’t fill a phone booth.

They tell us that the idea that that there are millions of uncounted Trump voters out there is a fantasy, it seems pretty clear that the idea that there are millions of committed Clinton voters is far more absurd!


Source: Gateway Pundit

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