Trump Fans SLAM CNN…What They CHANTED Is Setting The Internet On FIRE!

Americans have been sick of the mainstream media for years.

Finally, in Donald Trump, they’ve found a leader who shares their distrust and isn’t afraid to express it. In particular, CNN has come in for harsh criticism, with some calling it the “Clinton News Network.”

At a Trump rally in Virginia, the crowd verbally attacked reporters from the cable giant, and it was caught on video.

First, Trump fans started chanting, “Do your job,” then switched to “Tell the truth.”

Will it work? Do CNN reporters and their bosses care that the network’s reputation (and ratings) have fallen? Or will this disapproval make them double down and act even more like Hillary Clinton’s public relations firm?

CNN used to be the only game in town as far as 24/7 news coverage went. They’ve had competition from Fox and MSNBC for a long time. When will they realize they can’t take their viewers for granted anymore?

Source: Clash Daily

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