Trump Crushes Hillary In ‘Meme of the Year’—Democrats, Clintons Enraged

Suggested title: This Hilarious Meme Epically Summarizes Clinton’s Forthcoming Book

Subheading: POTUS was sure to share this memorable gem on social media…we can all be kind enough to do the same.

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is about to re-enter the spotlight. As per usual, it’s solely to boost her personal coffers.

Clinton is coming out of hiding because she has a book to promote. The painfully-titled “What Happened” will give an inside look at her failed bid for the highest office in the land.

Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version: Clinton uses an excess amount of verbiage to blame anyone and everyone but herself for completely blowing the 2016 presidential election.

There’s an even shorter summary making the rounds that really helps nail down the reality of what happened.

The Daily Wire passes along the details on that.    

Even though Trump spent all day Saturday in Texas, comforting victims of Hurricane Harvey and handing out food to those in need, the president took time in the evening to re-tweet a hilarious meme that has been making the rounds on the internet.

This glorious meme is going viral, and it looks like the gift that keeps on giving will be offering up even more material in the coming weeks.

Trump will get more opportunities to needle Hillary. The two-time loser is going to set off this fall on a 15-city tour — “Hillary Clinton Live” — and her website promises she’s going to “let loose” and “connect with audiences in a conversation about a story that’s personal, raw, detailed and surprisingly funny.” Well, she couldn’t “connect” with voters before her crushing and humiliating defeat, but maybe she’s better when she’s getting paid.

The honor of sitting in that audience as the two-time loser blames the Russians and Barack Obama and Wikileaks and everyone but herself might cost you as much as $1,200.

The tour’s website promises Hillary will reveal how she “coped with a shocking and devastating loss, and how she found the strength to pick herself back up afterwards” (we’re guessing it has something to do with making even more money off books and ticket sales).

That brings to mind a pair of questions: Didn’t she already have a ‘blame’ tour? Who in their right mind would drop more than a grand to hear her share her version of reality?

The first one has an obvious answer. Earlier this year, Clinton made a number of appearances in which she railed against everything that prevented her from assuming her place in the Oval Office.

Absent in those explanations was any mention of the fact that she was a poor candidate that failed to resonate with enough voters, but she did bring the phrase ‘Macedonian agents’ into the lexicon.

For the second question, we’ll take the high road and remember that it’s a free country in which folks can spend their money as they see fit.

For our money, we’ve heard Clinton speak more than enough to last 12 lifetimes, and we can find thousands of more efficient uses for that kind of money.

Source: The Daily Wire

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