Boom: Trump Cuts Parties In Half…Shames Obama!

It’s obvious to say that Trump’s presidency will look very different to Obama’s. After eight years of the White House being treated as a social program, we will have the privilege of having leaders who will actually work hard to make America a better place.

Many things about Obama’s leadership left us scratching our heads. He was popular among celebrities and young people. That’s for sure. He appeared on numerous TV programs and hobnobbed with famous Hollywood folk.

But his strength of will to guide this country was seriously flawed.

That’s probably why he was best at throwing parties rather than leading the country.

From Conservative Tribune:

President-elect Donald Trump’s Presidential Inaugural Committee released the schedule of events for inauguration week on Wednesday, and compared to President Barack Obama’s itinerary when he was first sworn in, Trump appeared to be more interested in working than celebrating.

The U.K. Daily Mail reported that Trump’s schedule included two official inaugural balls and a separate ball to celebrate military members and first responders. In 2009, the Obamas attended no fewer than 10 inaugural balls.

That’s quite a bit of partying, and, in retrospect, it set the mood for the rest of Obama’s presidency.

As a fashionable, sociable figure, Obama did a lot of entertaining. From the outward appearance he seemed like the right man for the job. Yet parties is not what being the President is about; it’s about hard work and leadership, making the tough decisions to save our nation.

Obama never made the right decisions. Trump will.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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