Just In: Trump Deals MORTAL BLOW To Radical Left…Coal Miners REJOICE!

It was easy for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other Democrats and left wing lobbyists to demonize coal. The average person thinks of coal as possibly the dirtiest fuel, one that mars the landscape and forces men to work risky, backbreaking jobs.

Why not just phase it out?

The trouble with that premise is that, for one thing, it is possible to employ “clean coal” as an energy source.

Plus, coal is still plentiful here in the U.S., and there were and are plenty of men ready to take on those jobs, no matter how unappealing they might seem to Beltway white collar types.

What the Democrats rather stupidly didn’t bank on, when Hillary and Barack openly boasted about destroying this industry, is that the traditional Democratic voters in coal country would ever turn on them.

Of course, that’s just what happened in November. Now President Trump is moving quickly to reward those voters for taking a chance on him:

President Donald Trump signed legislation Thursday repealing an Obama administration rule targeting coal mining.

“We’re bringing it back, and we’re bringing it back fast,” Trump said before signing the bill. Trump then gave the pen with which he signed the legislation to coal miners who attended the ceremony.

To those who say that this proves Trump doesn’t care about the environment, he points out that these Obama era regulations simply duplicated existing ones to ensure clean water. A representative for the biggest coal mining state said approvingly:

“Because of the war on coal waged by the Obama administration, over 240 coal fired plants have closed and 83,000 people have lost their jobs,” West Virginia Rep. David McKinley said in a statement. “Fortunately, we finally have a partner in the White House who understands just how damaging these rules can be.”

President Trump has just helped begin the turn around of another American region struck by joblessness and despair. And from the looks of things, he’s only getting started.

Source: The Daily Caller

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