WHOA! President Trump Debuts His New Military Outfit—Every Patriot Is CHEERING!

During the campaign, and now as President, Donald Trump vowed to put Americans first and to create the greatest military the world has ever known.

This including rebuilding the Navy, which has shrunk to its smallest since before WWI.  Under Obama, our Armed Forces were neglected and frequently insulted. The proud men and women who put their lives on the line were treated with disdain.

Not anymore.

Trump is already pushing for the growth and success of our military. While making cuts to virtual every other aspect of the federal government, he is seeking to increase support for the military.

Yesterday he visited the newly built naval carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford. While there, he was given a commemorative jacket and cap as a gift. But instead of just taking them home with him, he donned the cap and jacket as a sign of respect and camaraderie.




(Photos: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

From Daily Caller:

President Trump was wearing one heck of a military outfit as he made remarks aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford in Newport News, Va., Thursday.

“They just gave me this beautiful jacket,” Trump said as he stepped up to the microphone. “They said, ‘Please take this home.’ I said let me wear it. This is a special day. We’re wearing this. This is a great looking hat.”

“American sailors are the best war-fighting sailors anywhere in the world, and it’s not even close,” he continued. “The proud dignity of this ship is a fitting tribute to Gerald Ford. This is American craftsmanship at its biggest and its best. ”

This is something I’ve seen Trump do time and again. He is given these gifts, but takes the extra step to wear them as a sign of support and gratitude. Often unreported, these small moments of consideration and kindness seem to be common with our new Commander in Chief.

We saw that during a recent rally in Florida, when he signaled out a young man who had been waiting in line all day.  He even called him up on stage to hug him and let him say a few words.

During his remarks aboard the carrier, President Trump mentioned his call to Congress to pass a huge new budget that would significantly increase the size and strength of our U.S. military, including the Navy.

Source: Daily Caller

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