Trump Delivers POWERFUL Economic Message…This is What America Has Been Waiting For – BOOM! [WATCH]

She is for the cronies and the international elites, I am for the working people!

That was Donald Trump’s message on Monday as he delivered a thoughtful and wide-ranging economic speech in Detroit, one of the cities hardest hit by years of Democrat economic mismanagement.

Yahoo News has the details…

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Monday proposed tax breaks for working families and for corporations as he outlined economic plans…

Trump said his plan would include imposing a temporary moratorium on new federal regulations and a reduction to the tax burden on working parents with childcare costs.

He proposed cutting the number of federal income tax brackets from seven to three and reducing the top rate to 33 percent from 39.6 percent. He had previously said he would drop that rate to 25 percent, an idea many tax experts said would dramatically reduce government income and balloon deficits.

Trump also offered a start comparison between himself and Hillary Clinton. He went into granular detail on all of the ways she has failed and her policies have failed and then summed it up with one powerful, defining statement…

“She is the candidate of the past,” Trump said of Hillary Clinton, his Democratic opponent in the Nov. 8 presidential election. “Ours is the campaign of the future.”

Watch the entire speech below:

Source: Yahoo News

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