SHOCK POLL: Trump DESTROYING Clinton On 1 Key Question…This Could WIN Him The Election!

Ever since the first scandal broke over Hillary Clinton’s behavior as secretary of state, the media has been trying to protect her.

First it was her private email server that broke a litany of federal laws. Then it was the FBI investigation. Then it was allegations about her giving out favors to foreign interests. Then it the DNC leaks where the world saw the party working against Bernie Sanders. Then it was serious concerns over her health.

The list keeps growing and the Hillary campaign–as well as the media–keep ignoring.

But there’s a group that not ignoring this mountain of evidence: the American voter.

From Breitbart:

A new CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday shows that 50% of registered voters consider Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump “more honest and trustworthy,” versus 35% who said the same about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The result is a stunning turnaround from earlier this year. A similar CNN/ORC poll conducted March 17-20 showed that Clinton led Trump, 43% to 38%, on the question of which candidate was “more honest and trustworthy.”

Trump led, 45% to 37%, in a similar CNN/ORC poll taken June 16-19.

The poll asked voters who they trusted more, regardless of which candidate they supported. It’s stunning to think that there are people out there who might support Hillary, but consider Trump more honest and trustworthy.

Considering CNN’s clear and vile pattern of protecting Hillary and doing their best to destroy Trump, a poll like this is amazing. Even they couldn’t manipulate the facts enough to make Hillary come out on top.

Polls continue to slide in Trump’s favor, as he works hard to garner the support and respect of all Americans. Meanwhile nothing but questions arise on the Clinton front. Why was she lying about her email server? Will she continue to give out favors to foreign interests? Just what is her health status?

All questions with zero answers. The American voter is growing tired of the deceit and duplicity of the Clinton camp. This poll is only one sign.

Source: Breitbart

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