SLAM! Trump Just Launched BRUTAL Broadside On Clinton…She Has No Response To THIS!

The bias in the mainstream media is sickening.

While most Americans know about Hillary Clinton’s terrible reputation, disgraceful behavior as first lady, and disastrous time as secretary of state, the media still prop her up as a viable candidate for president. It’s as if they want a tyrannical villain to run the country.

So as they continue to support a vile human being, Donald Trump continues to fight to reach the American people with the truth. Since he’s clinched the nomination, he’s been speaking out about the lies, crooked dealings, and downright evil things Hillary has done to this country. He gave a speech exposing the Clintons’ backdoor deals with foreign nations. He exposed Hillary’s wrong-headed stance on Brexit.

And he’s only getting started.

Via Conservative Tribune:

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump drastically ramped up his efforts against Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton on Sunday by releasing a lengthy PDF containing 50 generalized facts about the former first lady and secretary of state’s sordid behavior and its effects on America.

Moreover, every single fact listed in the PDF on Trump’s Facebook page was backed by credible news stories and statistics. Consider, for example, fact 21, which read, “Clinton lied about a video causing the deaths of Americans in Benghazi.”

This fact by itself would have quickly been ripped to shreds by Clinton and her staff. Except that Trump wisely chose to prop it up with various reports from NBC News, The Daily Beast and the Los Angeles Times, all confirming that she did in reality lie.

You can’t really attack Trump’s facts, when they are corroborated by the actual liberal media. They’ve shot themselves in the foot by reporting what actually happens and what Clinton actually does. No matter how they spin it, Clinton is a dangerous and dishonest person.

All Trump really has to do is list her litany of crimes. They all speak for themselves. Some of them include Clinton’s disastrous trade deals that have bankrupt American companies, her lies about her time in Bosnia, where she invented a story about being shot at, and the favors she gave out during her time as secretary of state.

It’s really shocking, when you add it all up. How could anyone, regardless of their political leanings, believe in a woman like this? They may attack Trump, calling him names, but there is zero evidence that exposes him as a lying, criminal, un-American, back-stabbing villain. All of those titles can justifiably be given to Hillary Clinton.

You can read the full list care of Donald Trump’s website. I recommend you do. Be sure to post it to your Facebook page, Twitter, and whatever else you use. The media may be trying to protect their ice queen, be we don’t have to.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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