WOW! Donald Trump DESTROYS Hillary In New Ad… With Obama’s Own Words! [WATCH]

Despite the massive amounts of money she’s wasted, Hillary Clinton is slipping in the polls. In some key states, she’s taking a nose dive. She tried so hard to convince voters she their friend, that she won’t stab them in the back when given the opportunity. Her reputation as a corrupt, disrespectful, unpleasant person have been cemented in the minds of Americans for decades.

All that Trump has to do to beat her handily is to remind the American people of this reality. And he’s doing a bang up job. He’s barely spent a fraction of what Hillary has on ads and is climbing in the polls across the country.

A series of videos posted to the website lists the many reasons why Hillary is unfit to be president. These aren’t mud-slinging ads, mind you. These are the facts. They are a chilling reminder of how cut-throat, vicious, and greedy the woman can be. Trump doesn’t have to look far to find damning proof of Hillary’s corruption, it’s plain to see.

From Conservative Tribune:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been using rival Hillary Clinton’s own words against her, and now he’s brought along another Democrat: President Barack Obama.

In his latest ad, released on social media, the president talked about Clinton’s infamous “3 a.m. phone call” commercial in 2008, explaining what he would want in someone answering it.

“Here’s the important thing about that 3 a.m. phone call — what you want is somebody who is, first of all, going to get all the facts and gather up good intelligence,” Obama said in the clip, which was from his 2008 primary battle against Clinton.

During the 2008 primaries, Obama and Clinton were heated rivals. While Obama went on to secure the nomination, it was due largely to the fact that he pointed to Clinton’s already tarnished record. Now those words are coming back to bite both Hillary and Barack on the ass.

The truth is, Clinton would never had gotten the nomination had it not be for collusion on the part of her buddies in the DNC. They pushed out any rival to give her an advantage. The vast majority of Americans and Democrats just don’t like her. That’s why a nobody like Barack Obama got the nom in 2008 and why an outsider like Bernie Sanders got so much momentum.

We all know Bernie should have gotten the nomination.

Check out the latest video. And be sure to spread it to all your friends.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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