Trump DESTROYS Obama Response To Orlando Shooting With These 12 Words – DAMNING

At an age when many folks are settling into retirement, Donald Trump is just getting started on a new phase of his already eventful life.

Trump celebrated his 70th birthday at a campaign stop in North Carolina, along with 9000 cheering supporters. However, the candidate quickly switched focus to the most serious issue of the day: The rising threat to America posed by ISIS and other Islamic terrorists, and the tepid reaction to these threats by the White House.

The Daily Mail reported on Trump’s comments:

I watched President Obama today. And he was more angry at me than he was at the shooter!’ he marveled.

‘The level of anger – that’s the kind of anger he should have for the shooter, and these killers that shouldn’t be here.’

“[Obama] was more angry at me than he was at the shooter!”

And the presumptive Republican presidential nominee dismissed Obama’s law-school oration questioning the value of branding extremist attacks as the work of ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ – a seldom-heard turn of phrase Trump has used for months to clobber reticent Democrats.

Trump said the U.S. had no hope of maintaining homeland security ‘if you don’t know what the term is, and if you don’t discuss what the problem is, and if you can’t say the real name.’ (…)

Clinton and Obama spent part of Tuesday arguing that the Muslim man who killed more than four dozen people in the wee hours of Saturday night was himself a native-born American.

But ‘the killer’s parents emigrated from Afghanistan,’ Trump told his crowd, citing news reports that ‘the children of Muslim immigrant parents are responsible for a growing number, for whatever reason, a growing number of terrorist attacks.’

‘The killer’s Afghan father supported the Taliban, which believes in violently oppressing women and gays,’ Trump fumed.

‘Once again we’ve seen that political correctness is deadly. They don’t want to talk about the problem,’ he said.

Credit: Daily Mail

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