BOOM:Trump Just Did Something Obama Never Would…Now Obama Is Furious!

A Somali refugee with devout Muslim beliefs attending Ohio State University unleashed a machete and car-plowing attack on campus, sending 11 to the hospital and leaving one officer dead.

The student, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, who said on his Facebook page prior to the attack he was “sick and tired” os watching fellow Muslims get “killed and tortured,” was killed at the scene.

And the difference between the responses of President-elect Donald Trump and President Obama was startling.

This, from Trump, Western Journalism noted: “Watching the news unfold at Ohio State University. Our thoughts and prayer are with all of the students and administration.”

Trump also praised the emergency response team at OSU for their quick notification of students and staff of the situation as it unfolded, and thanked all those who put their lives in jeopardy by helping to eliminate the threat.

And social media watchers were quick to note Trump’s speedy and humble posts.

One wrote, Western Journalism found: “Thank u mr president for being the first in my existence as a man of power to get on social media explaining the situation. I wish this happened all the time [speedy response].”

Others were also quick to note the differences between Trump and Obama.

As one noted, Western Journalism found: “Thank you for showing your support and care and concern for the people of Ohio state. You won’t see Obama talking about this.”

And another: “Thank you President Elect Trump for making such quick supportive responses to these situations..unlike the current President.”

Source: Western Journalism

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