Trump Makes STUNNING Donation To US Treasury…Democrats Are SPEECHLESS!

The left have been trying to undermine Trump from day one. After his historic victory at the polls on November 8, they have done no end of bellyaching and criticizing.

Even though they’ve lost fair and square, the left is trying to find excuses to invalidate Trump’s presidency. They paid protestors to storm city streets. They tried petitions to sway the Electoral College. There was even death threats made to sway their votes.

Some of the sharpest resistance has come in the form of attacks on the man himself. Critics claim that Trump cannot lead our nation properly because of his vast business empire. Yes the very thing that made millions of Americans confident in his ability to lead, the left is using against him, claiming his investments around the world pose a conflict of interest.

Ahem, did they forget the many millions Hillary took from foreign nations? Oh, they did. Because they’re hypocrites.

Not to be harassed by the left, Trump has done something that not only eliminates conflict of interest, but shuts up those wagging tongues.

From Proud Conservatives:

Trump has been getting hammered from the media and liberals across the country for months that he will have massive conflicts of interest as president, given that he has business dealings all over the world.

However, Trump’s press conference just spent a significant amount of time on a statement from Trump’s layer going through everything he will be giving up control over. CNBC Reports:

Trump operates a variety of golf resorts and hotels around the world. The lawyer, who spoke to a small group of reporters on condition of anonymity, said all profits generated at Trump’s hotels by foreign governments will be donated to the U.S. Treasury.

This is a stroke of genius, by a name who always seems to come up with good ideas. Not only has he eliminated any claims of a conflict of interest, but all the earnings from his many hotels and resorts will be given to the American people.

Now even his rivals have a real interest in seeing his company thrive, because that will mean more money in the United States.

The press conference further explained the transition of leadership in the Trump organization. As President Trump takes office, his sons Donald Jr. and Eric will take over his company, alongside an organization executive.

This is showing how much Trump actually cares about his new role in our nation. He’s taking this job very seriously, because he wants to do his best for the American people. The critics who claimed this was just a spectacle have no legs to stand on, in light of this new development.

Source: Proud Conservatives

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