BREAKING: Trump Just Dropped A Sledgehammer On Cuba…Obama, Communists Are RAGING!

President Trump is continuing to undo the damage of the Obama administration.

Already we’ve seen Trump work to reverse many of Obama’s terrible policies.

From abortion to health care to immigration, Trump has altered or ended many of the decisions the former president has made. To the delight of millions of Americans.

But there is one issue Trump is set to release. One that some may not have been expecting, but will have many Americans cheering.

I speak of course, of Cuba.

From Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump is set to announce a rollback of former President Barack Obama’s policies toward Cuba, The Daily Caller has learned…

“The Trump Administration has been ‘ready’ since February 2017 to announce changes, but issues unrelated to Cuba have intervened,” Kavulich said.

Former President Obama worked to enact several changes to Cuban policy during his tenure in office. He ended the policy known as “wet foot, dry foot” that gave Cuban illegal immigrants a path to legal status, opened travel to the island nation, re-established diplomatic relations and loosened restrictions on doing business in the country…

[Trump’s] administration launched a “full review” of Cuban policy, and White House press secretary Sean Spicer told TheDC Sunday that there “are no updates on this issue at this time.”

Rubio and Rep. Diaz-Balart, however, have been publicly confident that Trump will bring back hardline policies against Cuba. The National Journal reported Wednesday that Diaz-Balart said he is “1,000 percent sure the president is going to deliver on his commitment.”

“I have no doubt that you’re going to see in short order a different policy,” the Cuban-American legislator added. Rubio tweeted in March that he is “quite confident” Trump will “treat [Cuba] like a dictatorship.”

President Obama claimed that his rollback of sanctions on Cuba was to help the Cuban people.

But in reality, he was rewarding a Communist dictatorship that continues to oppress its people.

The poverty and challenges faced by Cubans is the result of the Castro dynasty and its terrible control over the country. Yet apologist Obama again blamed America for Cuba’s problems.

What issue didn’t he blame America for?

But the fact remains it was another ploy by Obama to let illegals enter our country freely. It did nothing to change the real problems facing Cuba. It’s still a Communist dictatorship, one that American should not be working with.

Don’t be surprised to learn Trump will overturn Obama’s decisions very soon.

Source: Daily Caller

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