Trump Makes MASSIVE Ad Buy…Drops This AWESOME Commercial! [WATCH]

This has been one of the most unique and historic presidential races in U.S. history. More is riding on this election than any other. We’ve seen things already that defied the odds and put pundits to shame.

With sixteen established political rivals, it didn’t look like businessman Donald Trump had any chance at winning the Republican nomination. Yet he surged passed those figures to shake up the political landscape of the GOP.

He’s continued to shake up politics and the status quo, gaining in the polls and destroying Crooked Hillary’s chances at ascending to the White House.

All this through grassroots campaigning and holding maxed-out rallies across the country.

Now the Trump train is planning on running even more ads, which will certainly spell the end of the democrats’ chances.

From Western Journalism:

The campaign is purchasing ad time in nine important swing states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, New Hampshire, Virginia, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada. The campaign has already been airing ads in Florida.

According to USA TODAY, the ad buy will likely only feature a single ad, which focuses on Trump’s economic policy compared to Clinton’s.

The ad is titled: “Two Americas: Economy.”

Trump has built a movement by challenging government as usual. He has connected with Americans through his no-nonsense attitude and straight-forwarded rhetoric. Now with a big ad buy-in, he is poised to grab even more attention.

The only lead Hillary has had over Trump is the strangle hold liberal media has over traditional outlets. It’s clear enthusiasm in the Democratic Party is low; few attend her rallies. And every day more news comes out about her shady behavior and lies. The only thing keep her afloat is the illusion put forth by CNN and her other cable cronies.

That will all come crashing down, as Trump makes in roads with clear, confident ads that provide a strong alternative to the corruption of Hillary Clinton.

Source: Western Journalism

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