Boom: Trump Drops ‘No Go Zone’ Bombshell On Democrats…Obama Is Panicking!

Donald Trump has vowed to drastically alter American energy policy, to allow clean coal, fracking, pipelines and more. The world still runs on fossil fuels and Trump, being a realist, wants their extraction and transportation done in a safe, efficient manner.

At the same time, Obama is scrambling to set up as many roadblocks as possible to the new president’s plans.

One of these gambits involves declaring portions of the ocean floor “no go zones” for oil drilling, by presidential fiat.

At Hot Air, they look at what this could lead to:

No problem — Trump can just un-designate them once he’s sworn in, right? Nope, not according to liberals. The law says that the president can withdraw lands from consideration for drilling; it doesn’t say that he can change his mind later and reinstate those lands. If you want that to happen, your only option is to have Congress amend the 1953 law to make his power of reinstatement explicit. And that won’t be easy to do with only 52 Republican votes in the Senate and the Democratic filibuster still intact (for the moment).


The weirdest thing about this “permanent” ban is that it’s terrible politics for Democrats. If Trump signs an executive order purporting to reinstate the lands withdrawn by Obama and he wins that court case, it’s a victory for him and an embarrassment for O and his party. Even if Trump loses the court case, he could turn around and use the issue as a wedge against red-state Democrats who are up for reelection in 2018.

But it’s also pointless to try to shame liberals now after eight years of them cheerleading aggressive executive power grabs because they were frustrated by an obstructionist Congress. They embraced the idea that the president should have more freedom to act when the legislature isn’t moving as quickly as he’d like. Now Trump’s going to embrace it too.

However, at this point, the Democrats seem unhinged. They live in a Beltway bubble and don’t realize or care that this and any number of last minute decisions by their outgoing president might hurt them with voters one day.

This isn’t even about caring about what is best for the country, regardless of popularity. Such a stand would at least be a sign of thoughtfulness and principle. No, once again we see the Democrats obsessed with using power for its own sake.

Source: Hot Air

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