Trump Drops TRUTH BOMB Democrats FEARED…This Could Win The Election [WATCH]

This year has been bad for police officers. All across American our law enforcement agents have faced unjustified abuse from activists groups aim at plunging our nation into anarchy.

The most recent victims of this outrageous nonsense have been the good citizens of Milwaukee, WI. After a justified shooting of an armed suspect by a police officer, irresponsible terrorist group Black Lives Matter threw the city into absolute chaos. Innocent civilians were hurt as property was destroyed across the city.

Make no mistake, this kind of behavior has been encouraged by President Barak Obama. After every wrongful slaying of an officer, Obama has been quick to defend the criminals. His lack and irresponsible stance on police have given this radical group fuel to cause more havok throughout our nation.

And Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is just as bad, if not worse. She is quick to blame white Americans for the problem. She refuses to support police officers, the men and women of all color who fight to protect our country. She denies the facts in an effort to manipulate and pander to black Americans.

But GOP candidate Donald Trump has had enough. In a recent speech about law and order, he made it clear that Hillary was against the police and that a Trump administration would bring sanity back to our streets.

From Cain TV:

But Trump makes himself clear if you’re willing to pay attention. She’s against the police in the sense that she encourages and affirms that nonsense about racist cops out to brutalize innocent minorities. And yes, when you foment that nonsense, you’re attacking the police. You’re making their jobs more difficult and possibly putting their lives in danger. You are against the police. Obama is, and so is Hillary.

What they need from Washington is for the federal government to stop undermining the police, and Trump makes it clear that he would reverse the anti-police attitudes, rhetoric and policies coming out of the Obama White House.

There is a stark contrast between Trump’s approach and Clinton’s. While Clinton all but entertains these radical, dangerous groups, Trump takes a hard stance against their violence. He exposes the deceptive practices of BLM, making it clear that the real culprits commiting violence against black Americans are black criminals.

He’s not afraid to stand up for our police and every law-abiding black citizen who is the victim of these riots. At such a crucial time in our history, he is the only one making sense.

Watch the full video below to hear the man himself. FULL SPEECH:

Source: Cain TV

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