Look What Trump Wants To Execute At the Border – Sends Mexico Into Full Meltdown

President Donald Trump campaigned on the promise of building a border wall across the Mexican border. He also promised to end illegal immigration and crack down on those who exploit our immigration system.

As the wall is being developed, more efforts are underway to fulfill his promise of a safer America.

We don’t just need a wall to prevent the drug cartels and coyotes from sneaking in. We need sophisticated measures to prevent other forms of fraud and illegal entry. And that’s just what Homeland is proposing.

From IJR:

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) wants to add a new measure to the U.S.-Mexico border that is turning heads…

The Homeland Security Department wants technology that can passively scan the faces of foreign nationals crossing the U.S. border by car, ensuring that the individuals who enter the country are the same ones who leave it.

DHS’ Silicon Valley outpost is hosting an industry day Nov. 14 to solicit solutions that would let Customs and Border Protection scan people’s faces, even if they’re wearing sunglasses, hats or are looking away from the camera, without requiring them to slow down or exit the car.

DHS has been dinged on its biometric exit program before. Its overstay reports, which records who has overstayed their visa, are often incomplete, according to the Government Accountability Office, potentially causing “significant homeland security risks.”

It would be a first for security on the U.S.-Mexico border, and along with such technology comes a certain level of scrutiny.

It’s high time DHS and our border agents employ modern techniques to prevent illegal immigration. There are a variety of tactics and tech that can be used to make illegal entry into the United States impossible. But they’ve been neglected because past administrations wanted more illegals to enter the country.

Face recognition technology is nothing new. Many smartphones and desktop computers already use it as an improvement to passcodes (your fancy new iPhone X, for instance). It is a proven way to determine a person’s identity, without requiring other forms of ID (like blood samples, thumb prints, etc.).

It would make illegal entry into the United States that much harder. People with valid identification on the books would be allowed in. Illegals—or people whose VISA’s have expired—will be flagged and denied entry.

There are a few hiccups, mostly coming from the left. Democrats’ determination to protect illegals will lead them to oppose such measures. But with Trump in the White House, I’m guessing this measure will be green lit.

Source: IJR

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