EARLY CHRISTMAS: Trump Extends Sweeping Victory To POPULAR Vote…Liberals Dead WRONG!

In an upset that shocked the liberal world, Donald Trump won the presidency in an electoral landslide. His campaign was so effective, he managed to turn blue states red for the first time in thirty years.

While the win was a major embarrassment for career politician Hillary Clinton, many sore losers are pointing to the fact she won the popular vote nationwide.

What these critics neglect to mention is that looking only at the popular vote discounts voters attitudes state to state and robs each state’s ability to have a say in the election.

But upon closer analysis, we see that Hillary Clinton only really had an edge in the popular vote because of two states.

From Daily Mail:

Clinton won California by 4.2 million and took New York by more than 1.6 million. The combined 5.8 million-vote advantage in just those two states was more than twice the size of her overall edge nationwide.

When the dust settled, she lost the rest of the country by 3 million votes…

SMALL COMFORT: Hillary Clinton collected more votes than Trump but did it by running up the score in California and New York, two very liberal states that were virtually guaranteed to her.

This is why we use the electoral system, because elections would be stolen by CA and NY, large liberal states that have higher populations. It would discount the say every other state and citizen by giving control to a select few.

Not forgetting the fact that some suggest close to 3 million illegals voted, along with 1 million dead citizens. When that’s taken into account, Hillary’s “popular” win seems highly suspect.

But if American relied on the popular vote to determine the election, things would have probably looked different, as Donald Trump himself said.

Campaigning to win the Electoral College is much more difficult & sophisticated than the popular vote. Hillary focused on the wrong states!’ he wrote in the replacement tweet.

Trump wrote in a followup message that ‘I would have done even better in the election, if that is possible, if the winner was based on popular vote – but would campaign differently.’

In the end, Trump was able to do what the press, liberals, and established politicians said would be impossible. He won the vast majority of states to secure the Presidency.

Source: Daily Mail

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