YIKES! Trump Faces Wipe Out in THIS State…Even If He Wins! [WATCH]

Stop me if this story is starting to sound familiar…

It seems that Donald Trump’s organizational problems go far beyond the states that we have heard about and those that have already voted.

This is one of the biggest and most important states left to vote and Trump’s own supporters are up in arms by the lack of effort to pick up delegates.

The Washington Times has the story…

Mr. Trump leads polling in Pennsylvania, but with most of the state’s convention delegates elected directly by Republican voters, the billionaire businessman’s backers say they wish he were doing more to reach out to the people running for those slots and support their efforts.

“The campaign has not been effective in engaging the delegates,” said Gabriel Keller, a candidate for delegate in the 12th Congressional District. “We have decided to move forward with or without the campaign. We are going to get Donald Trump the Pennsylvania delegates…The 38-year-old said he sought the campaign’s help but got nothing — not even a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Meanwhile, the stunningly efficient and well-organized Cruz machine is promising to pick up half of the Pennsylvania delegates, even if he finishes third!

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