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Trump Family Drops Secret Service STUNNER…Hillary, Michelle Would NEVER Do This!
By Faith Braverman|May 2, 2017

Democratic presidents and their spouses aren’t exactly well-known for their treatment of Secret Service agents.

Former agent Ronald Kessler disclosed in his book “First Family Detail,”several instances in which Hillary Clinton verbally abused the men tasked with guarding her life.

For example, when Kessler told the former First Lady, “Good morning”, she responded by saying, “‘F**k off! It’s enough that I have to see you ****-kickers every day, I’m not going to talk to you too!! Just do your G*damn job and keep your mouth shut.”

How charming.

Obama’s ex-bodyguard Dan Bongino also had nothing but disparaging things to say about his former boss, claiming Obama’s scandals were worse than people knew, and he resigned in protest.

But this disrespectful treatment of the men who keep our leaders and their families safe appears to be changing now that Republicans are back in charge.

From The Daily Mail:

The Kushner family showed their appreciation to the Secret Service Friday morning, by bringing them some treats.

Jared Kushner and his two oldest children, five-year-old Arabella and three-year-old Joseph, brought out a tray of goodies to the agents on duty outside of the family’s Kalorama home on Friday.

Little Joseph smiled ear-to-ear as he carried the tin tray out of the house to one of his protectors.

The kind gesture was greatly appreciated by the Secret Service agent who took the treats as he smiled and thanked the children.

This isn’t the first time that the Kushner’s have won people over through the power of sugar.

The D.C. neighborhood where the family resides received complaints from residents who were upset that the black SUV’s of the Secret Service were blocking their parking.

Ivanka Trump attempted to remedy the situation by going door-to-door in her neighborhood with her children and giving the neighbors baked goods.

According to Rhona Friedman, a lawyer and neighbor who initially disliked the family’s presence, said that the visit Ivanka paid her was, “Lovely, just lovely. People who know her say the same thing: that she’s very gracious.”‘

For all of the media’s attempts to degrade this family, those who interact with them know the true story. They’re sweet!

Source: The Daily Mail

Faith Braverman
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