REVEALED! Trump Files Financial Statement…And Now We Know EXACTLY How Rich He Is!

Despite the flack Donald Trump gets for being wealthy and successful, he doesn’t let that get him down.

While the liberal media look for excuses to attack him, Trump continues to prove he’s got nothing to hide.

While some candidates have yet to release their financial information, Trump came out day one with a statement of his net worth.

Yes, he’s very rich. That speaks of the success of his businesses and his savvy as a negotiator.

Now we know he has submitted his financial statement to the Federal Elections Commission on time. And it’s the largest one to date.

From Western Journalism:

Presidential candidate Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that he filed his required financial statement with the Federal Elections Commission, saying it set a new benchmark for the agency.

“I filed my PFD (Personal Financial Disclosure), which I am proud to say is the largest in the history of the FEC,” Trump said in a press release. The candidate claims his net worth is in excess of $10 billion.

“Despite the fact that I am allowed extensions, I have again filed my report, which is 104 pages, on time,” he added, noting that Sen. Bernie Sanders requested an extension.

The statement is necessary from every candidate disclosing, among other things, what they’ve been spending on their campaign and where the money’s coming from.

It’s a tedious but important step to make campaigns a little more transparent and honest.

Among the interesting facts that came out of the report are his revenue increase. From $362 million in 2014 to $557 million in 2015. It also disclosed that he has thus far spent around $45 million on his presidential campaign, a sum taken largely from his own money.

Source: Western Journalism

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