WOW! 5 Cool Facts From Donald Trump’s Finance Disclosure…Proves Critics Wrong [AGAIN]

Trump has been surprisingly transparent about his financial status.

Sure, you can laugh about his boast of being “very rich.” But it’s true.

From the gate the man has stated his financial worth, asserting it is an asset that will help him be an honest and loyal president.

Most recently he submitted his files to the Office of Government Ethics, which discloses quite a bit about the candidate’s financials. While the other candidates, like Bernie, filed for extensions, Trump submitted the largest documentation to date, over 100 pages thick.

The Independent Journal listed their five most interesting tidbit:

  1. Revenue from his golf courses is up.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

“This year, he listed 152 assets, with minimum revenue increasing to $615 million. Part of this came from his golf-course business, which saw $306 million in revenue, up from $192.5 million reported in his July filing.”

  1. But he didn’t do so well elsewhere.

Trump’s comments about immigrants on the campaign trail led to losses in royalties on his retail line at Macy’s, and he lost out on a deal to air his Miss USA pageant on Univision.

  1. His campaign has burned through his cash

While he saw profits from other royalties, his cash-on-hand has likely decreased by at least $17 million.

  1. He stopped giving paid speeches.

According to the New York Times, Hillary Clinton made $1.5 million from paid speeches since the last filing, while Donald Trump didn’t give any.

  1. And he still gets a pension from his acting career. 

Normally the financial statement from a political figure would be as exciting as watching paint dry. But because it’s from such a wealthy and visible celebrity, there’s plenty to learn.

Source: Independent Journal

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