BREAKING: Trump’s Latest Fundraising Numbers Are In…No One Saw This Coming! – WOW

Concerns have been growing that Donald Trump may not have the fundraising abilities he needs to wage an all-out campaign this fall.  Donations were admittedly low in May, and while they started picking up in June, Republicans were getting nervous the well might run dry way before November.

July was a news-filled month, and it was hard to keep the attention focused on the race, even with the conventions going on.  The Trump campaign upped its efforts to raise money, and they even saw a significant bump before and after the Republican National Convention even though Hillary was already dumping negative ads against him.

Well now we know the numbers, and they give us a much clearer picture in how this race is shaping up.  The Hill reports:

Donald Trump’s campaign announced Wednesday that it raised $80 million in July for his presidential bid and the Republican Party, a major uptick that still puts him behind Hillary Clinton’s fundraising clip.

“We are extremely proud of our 69% growth in small dollar donations which shows the broad based support of over one million donors across America,” Trump finance committee chairman Steve Mnuchin said in a statement.

The bigger totals may help quell concerns expressed by some Republicans that Trump wouldn’t be able to sufficiently finance his campaign, especially after reporting only $1.3 million on hand in May. But as Trump has shifted to the general election, he’s built up his cash reserves.

This is big news for Donald, as the businessman shows that he can raise the dollars he needs to win in the fall.  He has also proven over the last month that he can hold his own without expensive ad buys.  Imagine once he has hundreds of millions in his coffers, how much impact that will have on the race.  Many of his donations are coming from small donors, so everyone should consider that their contribution, whether big or small, will go a long way in helping Trump’s campaign.

Source: The Hill

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