BREAKING: Trump Gets HUGE Boost…Support From Where He Least Expected It [SHOCK]

Some truly bizarre news coming out of the election cycle today.

Katrina Pierson, Donald Trump’s campaign spokeswoman, has stated that this candidates’ supporters are considering backing Trump for President.

According to the messages she has received, if Hillary Clinton beats out Sanders for the nomination, many of his backers will be eager to go over to the Trump camp.

From the Conservative Tribune:

“I’ve got Sanders people sending me messages — it’s surreal — saying that if they steal the nomination from Bernie they’re voting for Trump,” Pierson said. “So he is definitely the only candidate that can beat Hillary Clinton in the fall.”

This bombshell comes just after Ted Cruz’s attested that Trump cannot beat Hillary in a general election.

The fact that supporters of socialist-loving Sanders are willing to jump ship is startling, but shows how strong the divide is between Clinton and Sanders, as well as the Democratic party.

Pierson went on to discuss Cruz’s chances in the general election, saying:

Cruz hasn’t won a single state that would change anything,” she continued. “Trump has won Florida. He’s going to win New York. Moving forward, we’re going to be in other states where Mr. Trump is going to do really well. And in some of these cases, Ted Cruz is running third… I have to remind you that Donald Trump knows Hillary Clinton better than any other candidate…Which is why he always says: ‘I haven’t even started on her yet.’ So I’m very confident that Donald Trump is definitely going to be the strongest candidate. I wouldn’t have supported him if I thought differently.”

Trump has promised if he is to go up against Hillary Clinton, he will go after her hard.

We have yet to see anything from his camp attacking the former Secretary of State, aside from his recent nickname, “Crooked Hillary.”

Pierson also mentioned Trump’s ability to bring in new voters, including people unlikely to vote Republican.

But it remains to be seen whether he’ll gain enough delegates or face a brokered convention, where anything can happen.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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