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BREAKING: Donald Trump Gets MAJOR Endorsement…This Will Shut The Trump Haters Up!
By PJ Editor|June 23, 2016

Donald Trump just got a huge assist in his quest to secure the Republican nomination and the presidency.

While the so-called Republican establishment has been slow to embrace Trump, at least some of the most established Republicans seem to be coming around.

Former president George W Bush has refused to support Trump, but many of his most senior and influential advisors and cabinet members have begun to show their support. Now, one of the most famous names from the Bush years has voiced support for Trump and slammed Hillary Clinton.

USA Today has the story…

Former Defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld said he’s “clearly going to vote” for Donald Trump for president, calling Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, “unacceptable.”

“The way I think of it is this,” Rumsfeld said Wednesday night on Fox News Channel’s On the Record with Greta Van Susteren. “On the Democrats’ side, we have a known known. On the Republican side, we have a recent entry, who’s a known unknown.”

Rumsfield is a major get for Trump and his support comes on the heals of Trump’s blistering attack on Clinton. Rumsfield seems to recognize that Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State has been a disaster for America’s foreign relations.

While many of the so-called neo-conservatives seem inclined to give Clinton the benefit of the doubt after her massive screw-ups in Russia, Libya, Iraq, and elsewhere, some of them clearly favor Trump. Rumsfield’s endorsement will put pressure on others in the national defense intelligentsia to do the same.

Source: USA Today

PJ Editor
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