TRUMP EFFECT: Republicans Just Set A MASSIVE Historic Record…And It’s Not Over Yet!

It’s really time for us to stop paying attention to the liberal media.

They attacked Trump from the beginning. They said he would get no traction. They called the American people too stupid to support a successful business mogul.

Yet look how wrong they were.

Not only did Trump win the nomination, but he destroyed his rivals. Not only did he destroy his rivals, he united the Republican voter base in ways never yet seen.

From The Gateway Pundit:

The Republican Party started the year with 17 bonafide candidates in the race. This was more than any major party ever. In spite of this, Trump has now accumulated 57% of all Republican delegates to date and enough to win the nomination.

Trump has received more than 11 million votes to date in the state elections according to This is 42% of all Republican votes received to date.

The Republican Party has set a party record this year in pre-convention state election turnout with over 28 million votes to date which is 136% of the record high voter turnout in 2008.  That’s four million more votes than the Democratic primary race this year.

The liberal media, controlled by Hillary, want you to believe Trump is a loser.They want you to believe that Hillary will dominate the election.

But the facts just don’t back that. The reality is, Trump is getting more support than any candidate in recent history. The Democrats are failing because of eight years of broken promises.

They can’t muster enough support to unite their party. Bernie and Hillary supporters are eating each other. When November comes around there’s a good chance Trump will simply crush the Democrats.

So stop listening to those “experts” in the media. Listen to your gut. Believe in a better tomorrow for America.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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