Trump Inauguration Confirms, Two Famous Legends Set To Perform…Americans Are Cheering!

More than any other president, Donald Trump brings the glitz and glamor of show business with him in the White House. This has led to lots of jokes about whether or not he will change the building’s decor to reflect his own over the top tastes.

However, on a more practical note, this has also sparked speculation about who would perform at his inauguration. This has been an especially heated discussion since so many entertainers are outspoken about their opposition to Trump and his policies.

Now comes word is that two American legends have been confirmed as ready to appear on the January 20, 2017 extravanganza:

Trump adviser Boris Epshteyn announced Thursday that the Radio City Rockettes will perform at President-elect Donald Trump‘s inauguration Jan. 20, joining the famed Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Epshteyn said the Trump team is “extremely excited” and has had a “ton of great performers, entertainers and just Americans, reaching out, want to be a part.”

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, perhaps the nation’s best-known church choir, has performed for five previous presidents. The choir sang at the inaugurations of former Presidents Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and George H.W. Bush, and in the parades of both Bushes and Ronald Reagan.

The Trump team doesn’t have much time left to nail down the details for this event, but it definitely has some great headlines for the performance.  Much different than what Hillary’s lineup would be—and better by miles!

However, after the show is over, it’s likely few people will remember who did and didn’t perform. Expect most Americans to be talking about Trump’s all important inaugural address instead.

Source: Western Journalism

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