Trump Invites Jaw-Dropping Guest To Inauguration…Obama Just Went INSANE!

They were unable to prevent Donald Trump from getting elected, so now the Left is determined to spend the next four years sniping and griping about everything Trump-related, even his upcoming inauguration.

Besides threatening to show up to protest (peacefully or otherwise), liberals are having fun at Trump’s expense. You see, unlike Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Trump doesn’t have a line up of Hollywood A-listers eager to participate in his public events—although many are already regretting it.

This is probably a good thing, because one of the reasons Trump beat Hillary was that middle America looked at the foul-mouthed, uncouth “stars” who backed Clinton and said, “No thanks.”

As Michael Lee notes, however, while Trump may not have show biz “talents” lined up to perform on January 20, he’s got something pretty cool in the works just the same:

President-elect Donald Trump’s advisers want to invite Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu to the inauguration or arrange a meeting of the two leaders before then, a source close to the transition said. (…)

Netanyahu congratulated Trump on his victory a day after the presidential election, and Trump had invited the Israeli leader to meet in the US at his “first opportunity.”

So Netanyahu isn’t exactly Beyonce, but again, that’s a good thing for a multitude of reasons.

Long after everyone has forgotten who performed at the inauguration, it looks very likely that America’s relationship with Israel will be enjoying a revival, thanks to Trump’s outreach.

Netanyahu’s mere presence at the event will send a strong signal to the entire world and set the tone for the next four years.

Traditionally, a new U.S. president’s first trip abroad is to America’s closest neighbor, Canada. However, some predict that the ever iconoclastic Donald Trump will begin a new tradition and visit Israel first instead. Let’s watch what happens.

Source: Allen B. West

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