WHOA: Trump Jobs Report Defies ALL Expectations…Even Donald Is SPEECHLESS!

Promises mean nothing if they are not turned into action.  That’s the problem with the Washington Establishment, and that’s why America voted for change.

They voted for a man who had a track record of following through on his promises, a man who turned dreams into reality.

Even the Republicans keep making promises, such as Obamacare repeal, only to make a mess of things and fail the American people again and again.

But Donald Trump has been taking action even before he stepped into the Oval Office, and now that he has, of course the naysayers have dared him to keep his promises.

Unfortunately for them, President Trump is not a politician.  He is a businessman who knows how to get things done.

And even though he does not have direct control over the market or the jobs sector in America, he just proved today that he has enormous influence over the welfare of the American people.

From CNBC:

The year’s fast start for job creation showed no signs of letting up in March as private payrolls saw another big boost, according to a report Wednesday.

Companies added 263,000 jobs for the month, ADP and Moody’s Analytics said. That was well above the 185,000 expected from economists surveyed by Reuters and also better than the 245,000 reported for February.

In addition to the big gain on the headline number, the month also continued a trend away from services-oriented positions dominating job creation. Goods-producing firms contributed 82,000 to the total, as construction led the way with 49,000 new jobs.

In terms of company size, fewer than 50 employees was the biggest growth area, with 118,000. Firms that employ 50 to 499 workers added 100,000.

Three major takeaways from this jobs report:

  1. The President exerts major influence over the American economy—which is putting Obama to shame.  His promises of higher taxes and America last kept our economy stuck in the worst recovery since the Depression, and even the promise of lower taxes and America First has proven a major course-correct.
  2. The trend is up. Just like the Dow, the sky is the limit—and America is showing no signs of slowing.
  3. Where the job growth is happening is just as important as how big the bottom-line number is.  And the industries that are roaring back are beyond encouraging.

“Job growth is off to a strong start in 2017,” Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics, said in a statement. “The gains are broad-based but most notable in the goods producing side of the economy including construction, manufacturing and mining.”

Unlike the Obama era, federal government jobs are not driving the jobs report.  Instead, small  businesses and industries penalized by Obama policies—such as mining—are seeing the biggest benefit from America’s policy to put America First in energy, in manufacturing, in trade, and in every area of life.

Liberals are losing hope. Not only is their worst nightmare of a President turning out to be a resounding success for the American people, but their broken liberal ideology and socialist policies are being fast exposed as poisonous for America.

Now that Trump’s policies are proving effective, Democrats need to get out of the way, stop obstructing Trump at every turn, and let him carry out his agenda to make America great once again.  The only problem is, they are starting to realize he can pull it off, which is more reason to stop him because he is also destroying their political future.

Source: CNBC

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