BREAKING: Trump Just Scored The ULTIMATE Endorsement…It Doesn’t Get Any BIGGER Than This!

Many traditional conservatives have had deep concerns about Donald Trump. Most of this has been fever swamp silliness, but some of it has been rooted in Trump’s own words and history.

While he has done a good job of showing that his views have evolved and that he understands Republican principles and issues, some hesitation has remained as he has worked to consolidate the GOP behind his candidacy.

Now he has scored an endorsement that will not only put many of those concerns to rest, it also comes with millions of dollars for his campaign and an army of campaign volunteers.

HotAir reports on this game changing news…

Donald Trump brought his week of attempting to unify the Right to an upbeat end at the NRA Annual Meeting. Just days after offering up a list of potential Supreme Court appointments to frame the election in the starkest terms for conservatives, the NRA’s leadership responded with a rousing endorsement and jubilant response from the crowd. Trump took to the stage to promise that “I will not let you down,” and noted that he and his two sons are also members of the group…

You cannot understate the value of this endorsement. The NRA claims more than 5 million members. They are among the most politically active groups in the country as well as one of the most successful at promoting candidates and advancing their agenda.

The NRA is a cornerstone of the Republican Party. Their support will help Trump consolidate the conservative movement and give him the ground troops needed to turn out voters in November.

Source: HotAir

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