Trump Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL On Giuliani…Rudy Is STUNNED!

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Rumors have swirled for weeks after the election—and there was plenty of speculation in the months leading up to it—that Rudy Giuliani would have a high position in the Trump administration.  He had been a key player in Trump’s meteoric rise to the presidency and has had plenty of experience as a prosecutor, New York mayor, and former presidential candidate himself.

At first the discussion revolved around the position of Secretary of State, and while the list of options grew for that spot, Homeland Security head was also discussed.  Well, the latter has now been filled by General John Kelly, and the former, while it hasn’t been decided as of this publication, according to some internal sources and tweets, the door has closed for Rudy.

The following tweets broke the news that Rudy, who seems to have held out for the more prestigious position, is no longer in the running:

Time will tell whether these reports are entirely true. If Donald Trump has a knack for anything, it’s jerking the media’s chain around.  His list of half a dozen candidates for SoS is proof in itself of his theatrics.  It’s very likely Rudy Giuliani will remain as a key player in the White House in some major capacity, but the positions that suit his talents are rapidly filling up.


Rudy Giuliani, during a meeting with Donald Trump, officially withdrew his name from the running for Secretary of State on Friday, December 9th.  This information was released after initial reports from various news outlets that Giuliani was no longer in the running.

Source: The Right Scoop

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