BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Used The 1 Word Obama Didn’t Want To Hear…Raises The Stakes!

When was the last time an American citizen was charged with treason? Liberals have done a great job convincing many people that the entire concept is old fashioned, that patriotism and loyalty are for suckers and rednecks.

Donald Trump’s doesn’t pull any punches, however — he says that when it comes to treason, Americans should look no further than the White House itself.

According to one report:

In a statement to Associated Press, Trump commented on the president’s statement regarding the terrorist, in which he spent almost as much time attacking the presumptive Republican nominee as he did Islamist terrorism.

In an email, Trump stated that Obama “claims to know our enemy, and yet he continues to prioritize our enemy over our allies, and for that matter, the American people.” (…)

Instead of excoriating the Islamic world for allowing terrorist organizations like the Islamic State group to flourish and vowing that America would wipe them out, Obama criticized Americans and said we need to give up our Second Amendment rights.

If his remarks were any indication, Obama believes the problem is Americans and not radical Islamist terror. Donald Trump simply pointed that out.

If you want to call that treason, it’s not as if the president has given you much these last few days to dispel that notion.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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