MASSIVE Trump Endorsement That REAL AMERICA Will Love…’Restore Sanity & Greatness’ – AWESOME!

Usually when we talk about endorsement it is a major political figure or organization.

But the Donald Trump campaign is a different beast entirely. It is powered by average Americans, not the big money powers that have long dominated our politics.

So it isn’t surprising that one of the biggest endorsements of the year isn’t a politicians, but rather an average American that made his name speaking truth to power and standing up to the politicians!

When he dared to spontaneously question candidate Barack Obama about his tax policies in 2008, ordinary citizen and Air Force veteran Joe “The Plummer” Wurzelbacher was subjected to a smear campaign of unprecedented proportions. (If only the media had show that much interest in Obama’s past!)

That didn’t silence Joe, who has never stopped speaking around the country and expressing his opinions at his website

However, his latest statement may very well put him back under the mass media spotlight.

On his website, Joe writes:

People talk about a tipping point in time where liberty, freedom and the system based on our Constitution which allowed America to become the most productive, powerful and benevolent country in world history could all go away. I don’t know if we’ve passed it, but I know this:

I support Donald Trump to try and restore us first to sanity, then back to greatness.

That’s not all. Joe’s endorsement also takes aim at Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton, and doesn’t hold back:

Hillary Clinton hasn’t been called out on anything over the past 25 years, really. She hasn’t been challenged by the leftist press, by Republicans, or anyone on her laundry list of lies, transgressions and criminal behavior.

Not to mention what a lousy mom she is. That’s right – Chelsea may very well be a nice young woman now with a family of her own – but what kind of mom allows her very young daughter to be publicly humiliated by some horny, fat, redneck husband, who’s busy being serviced under the Oval Office desk by an intern hardly older than Chelsea herself? (…)

She’s a lousy, lying, conniving, phony and dead-beat mom for not leaving “BJ” Clinton when he first began soiling anything that walked upright. Hillary stood by for decades at every turn through the serial philandering, credible rape and multiple sexual assault charges by a surplus of victims.

Joe the Plumber also has a few choice words for “pansy-ass Republicans” like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, and “holier-than-thou perfect Christians who are thinking about staying home as you did in 2012.”

Joe explains that his number one issue is the Supreme Court, and who will have the power to shape it: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

For him, the choice is obvious. He certainly makes an articulate and passionate case, for a guy who is supposed to be “just” a plumber. Maybe President Trump could use Joe Wurzelbacher in his cabinet.


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