ANOTHER Former Opponent Endorses Trump…Could Deliver MUST WIN State…BOOM!

Pennsylvania is increasingly looking like the lynch pin to the 2016 presidential election and Donald Trump’s White House prospects.

Hillary Clinton’s terrible policies on energy, particularly fracking and coal, have put this reliably blue state in play. With 20 electoral votes, winning Pennsylvania would be a massive blow to the Democrat’s chances.

None-the-less, not even 24/7 political junkies on the right probably saw this one coming…

Rick Santorum, the one-time Pennsylvania senator, is best known for his outspoken socially conservative views.

A devout Catholic, he’s a familiar and arguably divisive figure in the  Republican Party and beyond.

A well-known gay writer even coined the adjective “santorum” to describe something so stomach turning that no one should look it up on Google, in order to crudely mock the senator’s opposition to gay marriage, abortion and other liberal articles of faith.

That’s why Santorum’s most recent comments come as a surprise. According to Fox News Insider:

Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum joined On the Record to explain why he’s supporting Donald Trump “100 percent.”

Santorum said that while attending Justice Antonin Scalia’s funeral in February, it dawned on him that “the most important issue right now is to preserve the Constitution.”

The former Pennsylvania senator said that if five “progressive, ultraliberal” justices are permitted to sit on the Supreme Court, the Constitution would be rewritten, and the next 25 years of the country would be changed.

Santorum said he approved of Donald Trump’s list of Supreme Court picks.

Indeed, Trump’s SCOTUS shortlist has been receiving sometimes grudging enthusiasm from conservatives who were otherwise lukewarm to his candidacy.

Santorum’s keen endorsement of the often socially liberal Trump is surprising. For many, Santorum represents a Republican Party era that’s ending, the last vestiges of the “Moral Majority” GOP of the 1980s.

So the question is, does he still matter?


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